Appalachian Outpost

About us

     Our journey at Appalachian Outpost began in 2019 when we simply set out to find a reliable source for climbing gear. Little did we know that this humble beginning would evolve into what we proudly call Appalachian Outpost today.


     Situated in the heart of Elizabethton, we are not only a part of this wonderful community but also a revival of the location that Crawford Drywall had operated from for numerous years. We are committed to infusing new life into this space and, in the process, becoming a thriving hub for outdoor enthusiasts like you.


     Our mission is clear: to provide our community with high-quality outdoor gear that caters to a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or an ardent angler, we've got your needs covered with a diverse selection of new and used equipment. Our inventory comprises both well-known industry leaders and locally crafted brands, all contributing to our vision of creating a marketplace where dedicated adventurers can not only find but also support locally made gear.


     Join us as we redefine your outdoor experience and explore the world of top-notch gear here at Appalachian Outpost.